Filtration Separation Technology

Enterprise strength to protect the quality and service, focus on the field of filtration, and create greater value

Jiangsu Unite Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. for the filter system of global production service providers, set manufacturing, research and development and engineering package in one. With more than 300 patents. Water, gas, oil filtration system Three major areas in the service of petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, new energy, environmental protection, shipbuilding industry, industrial facilities and other industries.

Filtration Scheme

Jiangsu Unite Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. in all areas of the filtration system are successfully used cases, and the establishment of the project in the country, both to ensure after-sales service, but also concerned about the operation of the equipment and production processes. More than 10 years of accumulated experience, so that more excellent understanding of Knight filtration technology needs, more rational selection optimization, to create greater value for customers.

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Product Center

Filtration separation equipment manufacturing, export, service providers

Core products:All kinds of filter separator system integration,Automatic self-cleaning filter series,Automatic backwash filter Gas filter series,Bag filter series、Pipeline filter series.

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